At the Memory Care Learning Center, our free events and educational sessions are designed to support those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia as well as their caregivers. Please join us to learn more about a person-centered, compassionate approach to dementia care which includes the essential elements of friendship: respect, empathy, support, trust, and trust and humor.

June 21: Music Therapy

June 28: Caregiver Support Group

June 28: Advance Directives

July 12: Relaxation Through Sound Meditation

July 14: Best Friends™ Approach to Challenging Behaviors

July 19: Exploring Relaxation Through Scent

July 20: Proactive Strategies

July 21: Music Therapy

July 26: Caregiver Support Group

July 27: Sound Therapy Sessions

July 28: Reiki for Caregivers

Aug 2: Understanding Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Aug 11: Best Friends KNACK

Aug 16: Caregiver Support Group

Aug 16: Relaxation Through Sound Meditation

Aug 17: Music Therapy

Sept 8: Best Friends – Life Story

Sept 13: Hospice 101

Sept 15: Music Therapy

Sept 27: Caregiver Support Group

Sept 29th: Reiki for Caregivers

Oct 11th: Best Friends – Approach to Activities

Oct 17th: Art & Aromatherapy

Oct 18: Music Therapy

Oct 25th: Caregiver Support Group

Oct 25th: Healthy Living for the Brain & Body

Oct 27th: Reiki for Caregivers

Nov 3rd: Chair Yoga + Yoga Therapy

Nov 3rd: Aromatherapy – Exploring Relaxation Through Scent

Nov 7th: Medicare Education

Nov 1st & Nov 8th: Grief Support Group

Nov 10th: Reiki for Caregivers

Nov 10th: Fall Prevention with Cognitive Changes

Nov 17th: Chair Yoga + Yoga Therapy

Nov 17th: Advance Directives

Nov 22nd: Caregiver Support Group

Nov 29th: Understanding & Responding to Dementia Related Behaviors

Professional Conference – Resilience & Retention – Dec 13

Dec 15: Chair Yoga + Yoga Therapy

Dec 15: Reiki for Caregivers

Dec 27: Caregiver Support Group

Jan 10: Aromatherapy – Exploring Relaxation Through Scent

Jan 17: Memory Care Communities

Jan 31: Effective Communication Strategies

Feb 14: Relaxation Through Sound Therapy

Feb 16: Reiki for Caregivers

Feb 21: How to Choose a Memory Care for My Loved One

Feb 27: Music Therapy

Feb 28: Caregiver Support Group

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