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Choosing where to donate is simple when it’s clear that your donation will make a difference. Here, that’s easy to see, from programs and projects like the Heritage Legacy Fund, William Carter Lowe, M.D. Education Fund, Memory Care Learning Center and more. Your donations are appreciated most of all by our residents. The comfort that comes with knowing their place in our community is secure makes each day more meaningful and allows them to live with purpose, dignity and gratitude.

Why Donors Give

“I give because I have an affinity for helping people, feeling as though I am making a positive impact on others’ lives is important to me. One of my favorite things about Heritage is the Foundation. I take great pride and comfort in knowing that residents will not lose their home if they have outlived their assets thanks to the Heritage Legacy Fund. I think that the legacy fund is an amazing and unique component of our organization and it makes me proud to be a part of the Heritage family.”

“One of the major reasons my family and I give back to Heritage is that I know it is making a difference in our seniors’ lives every day. It’s a level playing field here, no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your background is, all residents are cared for and treated with the utmost dignity and respect.”

“I give because it is so important to me to keep our friends in their home for as long as possible here at Heritage Community. I believe in our mission and vision as a company so strongly that I want to help support that as much as I can.”

“I give to the Heritage Community Foundation because I have been fortunate enough to see the good it does firsthand for the people we serve each day. Being in a “sales” role affords me the opportunity to meet with prospective residents at the very beginning of their journey when making the decision to move to a retirement community. I always talk with our sales team about their title, “sales counselor,” and how so much of what we do throughout the process should be “counseling” the prospective resident and their family to provide them with the information needed to make a big decision. When we get to share the 70+ year legacy of Heritage Community with people, it means so much to them that we’re a local, non-profit organization that has their best interests at hand. I take pride in knowing that the work I do every day helps people get the care, attention and love that every person deserves later in life.”

“I am proud to be able to give back to help someone that may need it in any way. Words can’t express how much love I have for the residents at Heritage Community. I enjoy coming into work and seeing them. It’s very important to me to let them know that they are loved and cared for too.”

“Giving back to Heritage is how I personally demonstrate my thankfulness for being part of an organization that gives back to the community. I consider it a luxury to share with my friends and neighbors that I work at a place that not only cares about the residents that it serves, but that takes it one step further, by ensuring that the residents continue to get the care they need even when they can no longer financially afford to do so.”

“I give because I care deeply about the people who live and work here. I feel it’s a privilege to share my personal gifts in recognition of the people who have come before me and made this organization a wonderful home for so many seniors through the decades.”

Contact the Heritage Community Foundation

If you would like more information about our nonprofit foundation, senior living communities and services, please reach out to Aaron Bradford. If you are interested in supporting the Heritage Community of Kalamazoo Foundation, please visit our donations page to learn more.

Aaron Bradford
Director of Development

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