Should I Stay at Home or Join a CCRC?

As you get older, a decision you’ll have to make is whether you’d like to stay in your home for the foreseeable future or move into a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), or life plan community. Every situation is different, so we’re here to help you weigh the pros and cons to determine what’s best for you.


It’s a common misconception that joining a senior living community will be more expensive than if you remained in your home. However, costs add up as you begin to rely on others for services you need but may not be able to handle.

Consider the day to day expenses that go into the upkeep of your home. These may vary every month, but they always remain an expense. In addition, maintenance is one of the largest expenses you pay when you’re a homeowner. From home repair to appliance repair, you could unexpectedly have to spend thousands of dollars without warning. You won’t have to worry about getting hit with costs like these while living in a community that holds the continuum of care program.


You’ve spent your years working hard for a living, and now you want to spend time doing things you enjoy. You have the time to focus on yourself, enjoying your hobbies and exploring new ones. You also want to spend time with loved ones and give them the attention they deserve. When you remain at home, responsibilities often get in the way of all of these coveted things.

When staying at home, you’re occupied with obligations around the house in order to keep up with your household. With CCRC living, a lot of these tasks are taken care of for you. For example, think about the responsibility of cooking dinner every night. At a senior living community, you can choose between cooking for yourself, or having an elegant dining experience at one of the options available at your community.


As you think about the future, you may be concerned about how you will get out of the house and get involved in the activities you used to participate in.

At a senior living community, you have the opportunity to engage with those around you and make long-lasting friends. Find joy in your day to day life by connecting with others who are nearby. Enjoy events and outings to the surrounding area, or remain on campus and connect with other members through art, singing, knitting, card playing, picnics, dancing lessons and much more. Aside from making relationships for your emotional and mental health, your physical fitness will also improve in a CCRC.

Health/Medical Care

In some cases, it can be detrimental to your health to remain in your home as you grow older. Aging in place can put people at heightened risk of social isolation, poor nutrition and in-home accidents. These factors can contribute statistically to a lower quality of life—and possibly a shorter lifespan.

Scientific research has confirmed the idea that seniors are better off when they stay active and involved in their communities as they age, as opposed to becoming inactive and isolated.

No matter what type of health care services you will need, the continuum of care at a senior living community will always be nearby. You won’t have to spend time traveling to various healthcare providers to get the attention you need–everything will be in the same location. In addition, in the unfortunate event that there’s an accident or an emergency, you’ll be cared for more quickly than you would if you were at home.


One of the most common stereotypes about moving into a CCRC is that it won’t feel comfortable or like home. While this may have been the case in the past, senior living communities have come a long way over the past few years. They are now being designed as comfortable homes for seniors to be happy in – a place to retreat, to entertain, to spend time with those who are most important to you.

When seniors are involved in a continuum of care program that offers multiple options of care, they gain a sense of freedom and security in their everyday lives. They are protected for the future, if and when their needs change, and they are assured that their community has their best interests at heart. Lastly, residents are provided with all these care options from the moment they enter the community grounds. This is what makes up the community of Ridge Creek, an expansion of Heritage Community of Kalamazoo. But what ultimately sets Ridge Creek apart from the rest is its breadth of care and the lifestyle that you can only find in this long-standing community.

The best way to determine if a CCRC is right for you is to see it for yourself. To learn more about Ridge Creek, give us a call at 269-247-5999 or fill out our contact form.