An Update On Your Senior Housing in Kalamazoo

As vaccine rollouts have continued, senior housing in Kalamazoo with Heritage Community of Kalamazoo has started making progress toward a brighter future for everyone. The caretakers at Heritage have, through all COVID, been doing everything we can to ensure that our residents have stayed safe while maintaining the same standards that they can expect from us each day. Even now, we continue to make progress toward a completely safe experience for all who live and work with us.

A journey back to normalcy

In a release of an April update, we reported that we had no new cases of COVID-19 within our community in over four weeks. With most residents and staff having received their vaccinations, Heritage is carefully and safely making its way back to regular operations, with proper protocols in place to ensure everyone stays safe the entire time. We are welcoming visitors back through our doors once again, asking that they adhere to the safety protocols that we have put in place. With this and communal activities rolling out as they can, Heritage is getting back to the true community that it is for our residents and staff.

Diligent senior housing in Kalamazoo

Although our senior housing in Kalamazoo may be loosening restrictions as we head back to normalcy, the health of our residents and employees has been, and always is, our top priority through the process. We are still doing everything we can to adhere to guidance from the CDC, CMS and MDHHS to make sure that everyone at Heritage stays as safe as possible. Our staff continues to be tested each week, with healthcare staff being tested twice a week, to ensure that residents always have nothing to worry about.

We know that this process has not been easy for anyone, so we would like to thank family and friends of our residents for understanding and cooperating with us through this past year. Find safety and quality care for your loved ones now and in the future with senior housing in Kalamazoo at Heritage Community of Kalamazoo.