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Seniors Should Make Sure They Stay Warm and Active During the Long, Chilly Winter Months

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No matter the age, unless you’re a young kid who loves playing in the snow, winter brings on a feeling of just wanting to hibernate – you know, stay inside under a blanket. Not only is it cold, it gets dark very early and there isn’t a whole lot of sunshine. Relatives who visit may not be able to stop by as often in the winter. It’s important for everyone, but especially seniors to make sure they stay active during the winter months. Staying active is important to their physical and mental self. This can be something as simple as socializing, but getting their blood pumping and mind working is even better!

Fitness classes

We have many different fitness classes that are very accommodating to seniors of various physical abilities. From Enhance Fitness to cardio drumming, these fitness classes are sure to provide seniors with needed physical and mental engagement.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a great exercise for seniors! It is slow moving, energizing, and promotes flexibility while actually helping to create mental balance and peace.

Nights out

It’s important for residents who are physically able, to get bundled up and go enjoy a meal. See a show, and even see a sunset on Lake Michigan. These types of activities are great for my mind, body, and spirit.

Spa days

Our Seasons Salon & Spa has a wide range of services for both men and women. The spa experience leaves our seniors feeling and looking good.

At Heritage Community of Kalamazoo, we are the premier choice for assisted living in Southwest Michigan. We are proud to offer a wide range of amenities, activities, and guests to our residents. We know the importance of keeping seniors physically and mentally engaged all year long! 

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