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HCK's Mission calls upon us to Celebrate Life and Honor the Soul. We serve a wide variety of resident needs from independent living up through skilled care and rehabilitation services. We strive to provide a superior depth and range of programs that address those needs from clinically focused programs that improve the quality of care to equally well-designed programs that enrich the quality of life.

Our programs and Kalamazoo Senior Services are designed to engage our residents and are tailored to each individual's needs:

AUGUST 2019 Employee of the Month - Mariam Bertapelle


Please congratulate Mariam Bertapelle, the Heritage Community of Kalamazoo August Employee of the Month.

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Receive Routine Healthcare in Your Assisted Living

Assisted Living

When you choose assisted living in Kalamazoo, you want to be sure your decision has the means to best take care of you, and Heritage Community of Kalamazoo has everything prospective residents could need to make the decision. From a selection of amenities meant to give every resident the comfortable living they desire, and a full staff of caring individuals determined to ensure residents’ happiness, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo is senior living you can count on.

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JULY 2019 Employee of the Month - Lillie Clay


Please congratulate Lillie Clay, the Heritage Community of Kalamazoo July Employee of the Month.  

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What Time is the Right Time for Senior Living in Kalamazoo

Senior Living in Kalamazoo

Having to make big life decisions is never easy, but Heritage Community of Kalamazoo provides quality senior living in Kalamazoo that can make your transition to becoming part of a senior community an easy one. However, some may still be hesitant, or even resistant to the idea, and it’s in these moments you can encourage them of the benefits involved that will make their lives easier.

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Maintain an Exercise Routine this Summer in Your Senior Housing

Senior Housing

When you stay with Heritage Community of Kalamazoo, you get the amenities and services you need to live comfortably in senior housing, but don’t forget to stay active while you stay here with us! Daily exercise is important for all ages and seniors can benefit the most from getting up and moving. A sedentary lifestyle can start to have negative effects on health, and, when our bodies are more likely to develop problems the older we get, it’s worth getting out and about.

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JUNE 2019 Employee of the Month - Brad Samul


Please congratulate Brad Samul, the Heritage Community of Kalamazoo June Employee of the Month.

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MAY 2019 Employee of the Month - Todd VanKersen


Please congratulate Todd VanKersen, the Heritage Community of Kalamazoo May Employee of the Month.

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Enjoy Summer Safely at Senior Communities in Kalamazoo


As the temperature continues to rise in the following weeks and we officially make our way into this year’s summer, you can enjoy time spent in senior communities in Kalamazoo by making sure you take care of yourself the proper way. Heritage Community of Kalamazoo has multiple resources to be taken advantage of, and our staff helps any resident who needs assistance to do the things they love every summer.

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Ashley Lubbers joins Heritage Community of Kalamazoo as the Director of Memory Care


Please join us in welcoming Ashley Lubbers as the Director of Memory Care for Heritage Community of Kalamazoo.  Ashley joins Heritage Community from Spectrum Health where she was Speech-Language Pathologist.  She begins her role at Heritage on Monday, June 3.

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Make the Perfect Living Situation with Independent Senior Housing in Kalamazoo

Senior Housing in Kalamazoo

When maintaining an entire home and property becomes too much and senior housing in Kalamazoo seems like the best, new route to take, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo has independent living options to help. Offering autonomy with the option for assistance and community activities when you need them, Heritage provides housing for seniors that not only gives them a comfortable place to call home, but a community they can interact with.

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