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A Senior Community Who Cares During Virus Concerns

Senior Community

With COVID-19 concerns ramping up as time goes on, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo continues to protect your loved ones in our senior community. Because senior citizens have been shown to be at serious risk to this virus, we are responding in the appropriate ways to ensure that everyone’s family members who stay with us stay as safe as possible during this strange time.

Limiting visits

Because of the ease of transmission of COVID-19, we are discouraging and putting a limit on visitors to all of our senior community locations. Unless there are emergency circumstances, our facilities will be shut off from visits during this time as a measure to protect all our residents. We are grateful to families who understand the severity of the situation we all find ourselves in and the cooperation that they show with the measures we have decided to put in place.

Open channel

Because the situation is changing frequently, we are dedicated to providing all our residents, families, visitors, and staff with all the information relevant to changes happening around our facilities during this time. We are following guidance provided by the CDC, CMS, and MDHHS and making decision based off their recommendations, and any of these decisions will be promptly shared so everyone at Heritage Community of Kalamazoo stays up to date on the latest changes.

Methods of communication

As things change, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo will be releasing relevant information as announcements that we will be sharing to our Facebook page. If anything that we list is confusing, or you would like more information, don’t hesitate to connect with us and learn more about how everything is moving forward. Again, we appreciate your understanding during this time.

Dedicated to the well-being of all our residents, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo is taking all the proper precautions during these times of virus concerns. To learn more, contact us at your earliest convenience!

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