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Senior Communities Make Assisted Living Easy

Senior Communities

Sometimes making the change to assisted living can be a tough one, but with the senior communities at Heritage Community of Kalamazoo, that transition is made easy. Our community of staff focuses on hospitality to make sure every resident that joins us is comfortable with their new living situation and feels welcome. Ensuring that everyone feels the connection to others that they look for in a community, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo will make every day a happy one.

We get to know you

Part of our assisted living routine is making sure that we not only serve every resident but grow and connect with them as well. The care that our staff provides is personalized to every resident, so you know that our care is always the best for you. We assist with any medication that you may require and can even provide helpful reminders. Every part of what we do is focused on making sure you not only live comfortably, but also to live happy through the connections you make.

You’re not alone

We have many residents who are in similar situations to newer residents, and they can help you adjust to the lifestyle and feel welcome. Many of them may be going to the same wellness programs that new residents end up going to and your similar schedules mean that you can forge meaningful relationships with others who understand the exact scenarios you’re going through.

Activities keep you connected

With different activities, the same friendships you make through day-to-day happenings can be strengthened even more. We have our own choir, family game night, and more that can bring all our residents closer together and form the bond that makes senior communities great.

Heritage Community of Kalamazoo promises the best care and environment for seniors looking to make the change to a senior community. With caring staff and plenty of amenities for our residents, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo is the place to stay.

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