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Planning Ahead with Memory Care for Adults With Dementia

Work together to plan ahead for memory care.

Do you have a family member navigating the diagnosis of dementia? At Heritage Community, we work with many families in your position. If your neurologist has determined that you are dealing with one of the forms of dementia, we want you to know there is quality memory care available in the Kalamazoo area, and actionable steps you can take through the stages ahead.

The Early Stages Of Dementia can be a challenging time. Before diagnosis there are many concerns about the causes for the changes in memory, language, focus, and even personality. Memory loss, unless associated with a stroke or other sudden onset cause, can be a very confusing, frustrating period. Imagine driving to the store and being unable to remember why you’re there. Or the distress of not recognizing those around you.  It’s understandable that with the frustrations associated with dementia a loved one can become reclusive, even depressed. Remember to have patience, and if the symptoms are increasing in severity, see a neurologist. While a diagnosis of dementia can be overwhelming, it can also be a starting point for future planning.

Looking Ahead To A Bright Future may seem daunting after a diagnosis, but with some careful planning it’s achievable. Start with taking care of the legal issues. It’s never too early to assign medical and financial power of attorney, but it can become too late. If there are multiple siblings, work together to decide how you will make group decisions on health questions. Working together keeps everyone on the same page, gives everyone a voice, and takes the full burden off the assigned advocate. We also recommend looking into a memory care facility. At some point, it’s best to have professional help, and at Heritage Community we have two residences that are dedicated to exemplary care.

Talk to one of our professionals to help you with the journey ahead. Tour Amber Place or Amber Way and learn about the personalized care with specialized activities including outings, personally decorated private bedrooms, and staff trained for dementia patients. Remember, with dementia there is quality care and quality living ahead.

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