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About Heritage Community

A local legacy of vibrant senior living.

Since our establishment in 1945, Heritage Community has nurtured a passion for providing the seniors and families of West Michigan with exemplary personalized care. Located in one of Kalamazoo’s historic neighborhoods, we are the only locally-owned, nonprofit senior living residence in the area. Our organization is grounded on principles of honor, community and meaningful living, and we exist to support your desire to continue enjoying life fully. That’s why at Heritage Community we offer different branches of care, tailored to your tastes and needs and designed to fit your income. Here, you decide what suits you best. Our dedicated staff ensures that whatever your choice, you find freedom, ease and peace of mind in the coming seasons.

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Heritage Community’s promise to seniors began in 1944, when Mayor Louis Sutherland gathered together local residents to improve Kalamazoo’s system for senior care. With an aging mother in need of compassionate assistance, Sutherland worked with Dr. Richard U. Light, Mrs. Gifford “Love” Upjohn and other community members to invest in secure, comfortable living for all seniors, regardless of their ability to pay. The Michigan Department of Social Welfare, the Upjohn Company, First National Bank and Trust, the Kalamazoo Foundation and the Sutherland Paper Company all offered their support. The result of the community’s combined efforts was, and is, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo.

Today, with seven communities for independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing care, including the brand new Revel Creek retirement community, Heritage Community continues to thrive. Thanks to the steadfast commitment of local community members, Heritage Community is the largest and oldest continuum of care in Southwest Michigan, serving over 400 residents. We also offer the most comprehensive memory care in the area and have equipped our entire staff in the internationally-praised Best Friends™ Approach to care.


"We will be the premier senior living provider that celebrates the whole person while embracing families and partnering with the community."

Heritage Community of Kalamazoo is fully committed to the achievement of excellence in all areas of our operations, programs and services. We take our mission to heart; it drives all that we do.

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Core Values

A culture of kind, invested care.
Heritage Community has been founded on several guiding principles that reflect the heart of who we are as an organization and the care that we seek to provide.

Care for every person.
Heritage Community was established so exceptional care and comfortable living could be enjoyed by seniors throughout West Michigan, regardless of their income bracket. That is why we commit to our residents that if later in life they find their resources depleted, through no fault of their own, they are welcome to continue their days as a member of the Heritage Community. Heritage Community believes in comprehensive support so you can enjoy vibrant living.

Care in every season.
Our services reflect a continuum of care, designed to offer our residents the support that will best suit their needs. From independent living to assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing care, Heritage Community creates peace of mind for our residents by offering personalized, compassionate care through every season and change. This includes:

  • The Best Friends™ (3.3 Skilled Care Link) care model, an internationally acclaimed model of care for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and/or dementia.
  • Advancing best practices and adopting new approaches to offering care across a continuum of needs.
  • A progressive environment focused on a culture of person-centered care.
  • Comprehensive, in-house rehabilitative services (3.6 Rehab Services Link) for returning your range of motion and mobility after an injury or surgery.

Care from skilled and compassionate staff.
The staff at Heritage Community is trained to provide the highest level of excellence as they ensure that each Heritage Community member receives the support and attention they deserve. All of our staff are trained in the Best Friends™Approach, an internationally acclaimed training that cultivates compassion amongst those working in healthcare and support services. Heritage Community is consistently rated by our staff as an excellent employer, and we utilize resident surveys on a regular basis to ensure we continually meet resident expectations and address their needs. We also offer staff additional training through several educational opportunities:

  • Heritage Community of Kalamazoo Customer Service Institute
  • Heritage Community of Kalamazoo Customer Service Certification Program
  • On-going training, coaching and evaluation with our Customer Service Standards and Expectations
  • Scholarship support for nurses to pursue advanced degrees and training while serving at Heritage Community

Care of exceptional quality.
Life at Heritage Community is designed to encourage holistic well-being—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. From maintaining the excellent ratings of our facilities by all regulators, licensing agencies and surveyors to going that extra step to brighten your day, we consider it a privilege to offer each resident comfortable living and meaningful experiences:

  • Fine dining
  • Regular outings, excursions and events
  • Guaranteed safety and security throughout our residences
  • Nutritional options, pain management and daily medical support provided as necessary
  • Religious services available

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