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A heritage of enriching lives.

At Heritage Community of Kalamazoo, we value your comfort and interests. Here in our community, you have the assurance of flavor, entertainment, wellness and hospitality as you enjoy each day. No matter which residence you choose to live in, that is our commitment to you—Local Roots. Vibrant Senior Living. Explore more of life at Heritage Community by reading about our dining, enrichment and wellness experiences as well as our exemplary staff and comprehensive rehabilitative services. Select a link below.

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Dining at Heritage Community

Each of the Heritage Community residences prides itself on offering savory and familiar dishes that blend the ease of home with the luxury of restaurant cooking. Our wide array of options serve to accommodate dietary or health-related considerations, and menus are crafted with your tastes in mind. As a locally owned non-profit, we value the incorporation of local grower's products in our meals and favor locally-groomed culinary talent for our kitchen staffed.

Staff invite regular recommendations from residents on favorite dishes so everyone can fully enjoy their food and eagerly anticipate their next meal together. From the light and fresh zing of our baked salmon to the home-mashed comfort of our potatoes or the decadent luxury of our chocolate torte, dining at Heritage Community offers rich, varied and exquisite tastes to complement your every day.

  • Dining at Heritage Community
  • Dining at Heritage Community
  • Dining at Heritage Community
  • Dining at Heritage Community

Outings and Events with Heritage Community

At Heritage Community, there is always the opportunity to enjoy activity. The Life Enrichment Coordinators for each community design monthly calendars with a series of events at Heritage Community, in Kalamazoo and throughout the surrounding area.
On campuses, there are many ways to connect with other community members: art classes, choir, knitting circles, card-playing clubs, family night potlucks, picnics on the lawn, ballroom dancing lessons, poetry readings, cocktail hour and continuing education opportunities.

In the community at large, our residents frequently enjoy lunches out, evenings at the theater or symphony and trips to behold a South Haven sunset, or spend the day at a county fair. If there is a special event that a Heritage Community member wishes to attend, our Life Enrichment Coordinators are available to help schedule such an event or procure the desired tickets. Here at Heritage Community, it's delightfully easy to continue doing what you love.

Fitness at Heritage Community

Life at Heritage Community is active and dynamic, which is why we encourage and offer a variety of physical wellness classes for our residents.

Cardio Drumming—Heritage Community is known for our cardio drumming program and has presented on it at the International Council of Active Aging. With 25-30 participants to a class, our Cardio-Drumming Course helps you regain and maintain muscle strength while enjoying yourself. Drumming's unique integration of rhythmic patterns releases endorphins and negative feelings while increasing synchronization of brain activity, which in turn provides feelings of euphoria and improved mental awareness. This unique exercise routine promises to have you tapping to the beat.

©Enhance Fitness—©EnhanceFitness promotes a senior-friendly fitness experience intended to promote physical activity among adults at all levels of health and ability. Through this hour-long class three times a week, our nationally-certified staff promotes strengthening, cardiovascular stimulation, mobility, laughter and enjoyment! The program offers individual support for special needs, safety and health challenges as well as periodic fitness checks.

Tai Chi—Tai Chi is a form of athletic movement combined with a series of beautiful and graceful flowing routines. At Heritage Community, our trained Tai Chi instructor leads weekly sessions to help participants restfully increase their flexibility through deep breathing, positive visualization and a rhythmic series of physical postures. This class will leave you feeling energized and invigorated in body, mind and soul.

  • Cardio Drumming
  • Cardio Drumming
  • Tai Chi
  • Tai Chi

A Continuum of Care

Heritage Community offers person-centered care. This means that we are uniquely equipped to personalize our services and support to fit each resident throughout their time as a Heritage Community member. When you choose Heritage Community, you have the assurance of both security and independence as you enjoy each day. As a part of the continuum of care, Wyndham apartment residents can make the move to Heritage Community as Lifecare Members. Lifecare Members have assurance that Heritage Community will provide for any changes in their support needs for the whole of their lives—from assisted living to memory care or even a season of skilled care.

Across the continuum of care, we value your comfort and your interests. At every level of care we offer, our staff has been specially trained to accommodate your preferences and ensure each day is filled with the meaningful experiences that you cherish. At Heritage Community, your peace of mind for the future is our primary goal.

Salon & Spa

The Seasons Salon & Spa was created with our guests at the forefront! We want you to feel great about YOU every day. Located at Heritage Community of Kalamazoo – Wyndham Apartments, The Seasons is the premier salon & spa for seniors in Kalamazoo. Our success has been, and always will be, based on paying attention to the details that ensure quality and focusing on the needs of our guests. The Seasons Salon & Spa team, operated by Salon PS, are licensed and certified with specialized CARES™ training and offer unparalleled experience, talent, and hospitality.

The Seasons Salon & Spa

The Seasons Salon & Spa offers hair services to men and women of any hair type and style. Guests can also explore indulging spa treatments such as manicures, pedicures, massages, and hair removal.

Plan a much-deserved day of pampering and relaxation for yourself, your loved one, or with your friends. Gift certificates also make the perfect gift no matter what the occasion. Salon services are offered at all seven of the Heritage of Kalamazoo communities.

We invite you to make an appointment today and experience what all our guests are talking about. Call us at 269.343.1598 to schedule your appointment today.


Monday and Tuesday Closed
Wednesday By Appointment
Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Friday 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

The Seasons Salon Services

We are a full service salon offering haircuts, color, perms, and highlights.

Shampoo & Conditions

Shampoo $5.00
Basic Conditioner $3.00
Heater Scalp Treatment $12.00

Sets and Cuts

Shampoo and Set Package $16.00
Shampoo Blow-Dry and Curling Iron $16.00
Shampoo, Set and Cut Package $28.00
Wig Wash and Set $18.00
Women’s Cut $13.00
Men’s Cut and Shampoo Package $13.00
Men’s Clipper Cut $11.00
Neck Trim $6.00


Single Process Color $40.00
Temporary Color Rinse $3.00
Highlights By Consult

Perms and Relaxers

Perm, Cut and Set Package $55.00

The Seasons Spa Services

We offer spa services ranging from manicures, massages, and hair removal.

Manicure $17.00
Pedicure $25.00
Manicure and Pedicure Package $40.00
Polish Change/Mail Shaping $12.00
Toenail Clipping $9.00


Head, Neck, and Shoulders Massage (per 10 minutes) $10.00
Hand Massage (per 10 minutes) $10.00
Foot Massage (per 10 minutes) $10.00
1 Hour Massage $60.00


Men’s Facial Grooming $7.00
Hair Removal Service (per service for Chin or Lip) $8.00
Hair Removal Service (per service for Brow) $8.00

Gift Cards & Products


Rehabilitation at Heritage Community

In addition to our four branches of residential care, Heritage Community's Upjohn Care & Rehabilitation Center also offers rehabilitative services for injuries and surgeries. At the rehabilitation center, each resident or outpatient is assigned a team of therapists. Our therapists discuss with every individual their personal goals and help map out a number of physical and cognitive exercises to ensure those goals are achieved in a timely way. That is what makes the Upjohn Rehabilitation & Care Center so unique—customized care and a comprehensive therapy plan from our in-house staff, tailored to each person's specific needs.

From implementing physical agent modalities and extending range of motion in joints to everyday activities like cooking and cleaning, therapy at the Upjohn Care & Rehabilitation Center is thorough and well integrated. Each therapy plan is paced out—designed so residents experience restored health in body and mind and can enjoy a smooth transition home. Here at the Upjohn Care & Rehabilitation Center, we provide holistic care as we assist you on the journey to wellness through three key kinds of therapy:

Occupational Therapy—covers both basic skills such as eating, bathing and dressing as well as higher-level skills such as washing dishes, cooking and cleaning a house. Therapists work to increase arm strength and movement, balance, coordination, endurance and safety so you can return to normal, daily living at home.

Physical Therapy—includes treatments that utilize heat, cold, massage, exercise, balance activities and ambulation training. The overall goal is to decrease pain and increase strength and function, returning you to your previous level of physical ability.

Speech Therapy—focuses on both issues of swallowing and communicating (talking, hearing or understanding). Sessions range from exercises that strengthen muscles in the mouth and throat to structured activities used to increase problem solving, attention skills and, if necessary, the development of alternative means of communication.

  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Rehabilitation Services

Best Friends™ at Heritage Community

Heritage Community of Kalamazoo is the region’s leading educator in the Best Friends™ Approach. All of our staff are trained in the Best Friends™ Approach to care. This curriculum emphasizes the importance of creating a familiar and safe space for Heritage residents to “be where they are.” Heritage Community trains our entire staff in this internationally-praised curriculum, equipping our caregivers to understand and connect well with all residents, especially those experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s.

 As Best Friends™ Staff:

  • We empathize, understand and anticipate the needs of our residents.
  • We are equipped with advanced training to navigate the challenges inherently connected to Alzheimer’s disease, including personality changes and/or strange or unsettling behaviors that are often a coping mechanism for someone’s changes in cognition.
  • We recognize and can assist residents who have needs regarding getting dressed properly, knowing when it is time to eat, bathroom assistance or disruption of their normal sleep/waking cycle.
  • We design both structured programming and spontaneous events that bring attention to the arts, music, humor, familiar skills, sensory and physical exercises and conversation. We are prepared to adjust activities to stages of mobility and mental acuity.
  • We create a sense of community and a friendly atmosphere that gives all our community members, especially those with cognitive loss, increased feelings of comfort, a sense of belonging and security.

One of the gifts of being a part of the Heritage community is complete confidence in the care you or your loved one receives. We also offer workshops in some of the Best Friends™ techniques for spouses or home-care organizations in the local area. For more information about scheduling workshops for you or your organization, contact the Heritage Community Memory Care Center of Excellence, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo at (269) 343-1164 or (800) 210-9490.

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