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Sharon and Cyril Newman—Wyndham Residents
"This has not been like moving into an apartment, it's like moving into a neighborhood."

Sharon and Cyril have a tradition of beginning their mornings with breakfast out together. Since moving into the Wyndham Apartments, they have found Kalamazoo is filled with exquisite breakfast nooks: the Crow's Nest with its amazing omelets, the breakfast sandwiches at Food Dance, East Egg's different crepe creations. Breakfast is Sharon and Cyril's time to connect with one another before they each embark on the various activities of their day.

For Sharon, it is all about the community at Wyndham. She finds her schedule filled with experiences that interest her. She takes Tai Chi every other weekday morning, allowing the stretches to relax her while building her strength and energy for her days. On Tuesday nights, she looks forward to art class with her instructor, who helps her and her Wyndham friends develop their watercolor skills, sketching and techniques with pastels.

During afternoons, Sharon and Cyril can walk the trail around Heritage Community campus, except on Fridays when Sharon grabs coffee with her friends and they gather together in one of the lounges at Heritage Community for laughter and conversation. There is always something to do, which suits Sharon's bubbly personality and inquisitive mind perfectly. While she and Cyril felt torn about selling their home in Richland, she hasn't regretted the peace of mind, kind staff and friendships that living at Wyndham has provided her.

As for Cyril, a former OB/GYN and passionate humanitarian, quiet introspection fits him well. He enjoys the warmth of the apartment, sipping his coffee and combing the pages of the New York Times in his favorite red leather chair. An avid learner and more than casual historian, Cyril's bookshelves are filled with biographies and essays and sprinkled with great works of fiction, from Tolstoy to Proust. With the prompt staff at Wyndham, Cyril knows he has access to premier care if he needs it—which allows him to relax and savor the joys of his days without worry.

To close each day, the Newmans find that dinner together always reaffirms how special a place they have discovered Heritage to be. Each evening, Sharon chats away with the servers, knowing them each by name. The servers also know the Newmans—which one prefers the carrot cake to the chocolate torte, who likes the fish and who likes the prime rib. For Sharon and Cyril, this close-knit sense of community and hospitality sets Heritage apart from any other option. As Lifecare Members, they feel secure and carefree looking to the road ahead, eager for the adventures it holds.

Pat Levins—Wyndham West Resident
"Some of life's best moments happen around a family table."

Pat remembers her mother's table. During the holidays, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents gathered together and Pat's mother would pull out all seven leaves so she could stretch that table across the dining room. Then she would unfold the long tablecloth and set each place with care, because in Pat's family, everybody always eats together.

Pat remembers that after the laughter and conversation of dinner passed, all of the children would play "tent" under that table, using the tablecloth to transform the beautifully carved, wooden legs into the pillars of a fortress. For Pat, that sense of community and celebration has colored the life of her family. She smiles at all the dinners and Bridge tournaments she has hosted around that special table.

When Pat decided that she wanted some additional care and support in her life, she made the shift to Wyndham West (4.4 Wyndham West Community Link). While at first she wondered about the transition, she has found the change to be sweet and smooth. People are inviting and life is filled with pleasant conversations in comfortable sitting rooms. It all speaks to the hospitality that Pat has savored each day at Heritage Community.

Today, whether she is a part of a weekly game of Bridge or indulging with friends in scones and some Earl Grey tea, Pat sees that Heritage Community values relationships and continuing to do what you love. And the welcoming atmosphere for family at Heritage Community means Pat can easily maintain her special connection with her children. At Heritage Community, Pat knows her traditions of shared family meals, game nights with friends and warm laughter all continue—which makes this community her perfect fit.

Pat Woytal—Life Enrichment Coordinator
"For me, it is about honor, dignity and love. Offering my friends anything less wouldn't be acceptable."

It's a friend's birthday today at Amber Place. A group of residents have congregated in the kitchen and Pat Woytal, the Life Enrichment Coordinator, is handing out her mother's old aprons, anticipating the flour that will fly and the batter that might spill over in the midst of all the fun. While the bakers are busy in the kitchen, another crew has gathered in the dining room to decorate with streamers and balloons. Pat steps back for a moment to take in the scene; her eyes twinkle with gratitude for the celebration that is so natural at Amber Place. Birthdays here are always such fun.

In Pat's office you will find three large photo albums packed full of memories from all of the events she has planned for residents. When she maps out the monthly calendar, she always seeks to give each resident a special opportunity to do what they love.

Dick, a former professor, keeps to himself but has a deep appreciation for students and music. Pat was so delighted when he decided to join an outing to hear the symphony at Western Michigan University; they sat together in the very front. Donna is a lifelong animal lover. When Pat schedules Baxter the dog to visit each week, she anticipates Donna's smile as Baxter lets her stroke his fur. Another resident, Father John, has deeply appreciated Pat's role in connecting with the local priest to include Father John in the services at Heritage Community.

County Fair trips, Bingo prize tournaments, concerts and poetry readings—Pat includes families in the experiences of their loved ones by writing personal email updates of what she and her friends have been up to. In all she does, Pat believes it is the details that make Amber Place so unique. People sleep in till they're ready to get up, the chefs create options for each meal, and Pat designs a weekly routine so residents can find peace of mind in the regularity of their schedules.
When Pat walks through the door, residents know she is committed to creating a great day for them. Several have taken to asking her each morning, "So, what's today's lineup?"

Staci Schafer—Assistant Director of Nursing
"When you're here, all that changes is your address."

It isn't just any rehabilitation center where the nurses join residents on their floor for a spontaneous dance party, but Staci Schafer confesses that is what she loves about skilled nursing care with Heritage Community. Staci finds that the culture of Heritage Community's Skilled Nursing Care is unlike anything she has ever experienced. Here, everyone's number one priority is residents and their families.

As Assistant Director of Nursing, Staci's days start early. Each morning she greets the nurses, checks in on residents and holds a meeting to cover staff questions for the coming day. However, the regularity of her days ends there. The rest of Staci's time is spent personally connecting with residents over their progress, meeting with the families of residents to discuss any new developments, and supporting the surrounding staff every step of the way. On Staci's floor, each resident benefits from individualized attention and very personal connection with staff.

But as part of a nationally recognized care center, all the staff feel that way at the Harold & Grace Upjohn Care & Rehabilitation Center. Whether you are in rehabilitation, memory care or continuous care; your experience is uniquely crafted around you. All therapy is conducted in our personal therapy department, and every staff member has been specially trained to serve in the area where they are assigned. Private rooms are available throughout the newly-renovated care center should you desire added personal space. Residents enjoy the comfort of well-prepared meals, and once a month, our chefs prepare something especially scrumptious for a dress attire evening fondly titled "Night on the Town."

Staci finds that at Heritage Community, everyone sees and brings out their best in one another. Trained in the Best Friends™ Approach to care, nurses have a compassionate and attentive eye for their residents. And Staci loves how residents encourage each other by connecting in the Café, a dining area designed exclusively for our residents. The Upjohn Care & Rehabilitation Center is truly a special place.

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