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Four Reasons To Love Assisted Living During Our Kalamazoo Winters

Winter weather is easier with assisted living.

As we’re watching the temperatures swing from the 50s to single digits, it’s the perfect time to remember how great it is for seniors who’ve made the decision to move into assisted living. Winter here in Michigan comes with its own set of special challenges for seniors – challenges that assisted living solve!

Winter Months Can Be Lonely After the major holidays when the roads are icy and the wind chill sets in, most of us cut back on visiting. When you’re in an assisted living community, you can choose to get together with friends without leaving the building. Residents can join the community choir, join in of family game night, or simply sit in the library and read.

Skip The Snow Removal  Snow removal here in Kalamazoo can be a daunting chore, and under that snow is often a dangerous layer of ice that is potentially disastrous to seniors. When you’ve made the move to Wyndham West or Directors Hall, you won’t miss shoveling sidewalks or driveways!

Forego The Trip For Emergency Rations  Another challenge that is conveniently resolved in assisted living is grocery shopping in the winter. Just driving to the store, or even walking to a bus stop, can be a challenge for seniors, but with assisted living our culinary team will prepare three meals a day as well as a snack.

Stay Active  When roads and sidewalks make getting out a challenge, seniors may cut back on their exercise routine. We all know this is a challenge for everyone, certainly not just seniors. Our assisted living facilities have enhanced fitness wellness programs so that you can keep your activity up without heading out on icy roads.

At Heritage, our assisted living communities are designed so that seniors can focus on the joys of life, without some of the day to day hassles associated with winter living. If you’re interested in joining us, we recommend you contact us to schedule a tour today!

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