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Plan Ahead for Holiday Visits with Seniors In Independent and Assisted Living Facilities

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Seniors in independent and assisted living love the opportunities to visit with family and friends throughout the holiday season. When making plans to bring a senior to your home, remember that there are some important considerations to insure a safe and comfortable outing.

Clear The Way. Make sure all surfaces a senior will be walking on outside are clear of snow and ice. Any dangerous areas, especially around steps, can be disastrous. Healthy seniors cling to their mobility because they know how tightly it’s tied to their independence. Helping them feel secure is a respectful way to help them. Plan extra time before their arrival and departure to inspect walkways.

Warm At Heart. Hypothermia is a serious concern for seniors. Make sure you’re keeping your home warm enough for all of your guests. Seniors have a slower metabolism and less body fat to keep them naturally warm. You’ll want to keep your thermostat above 65 degrees Fahrenheit or higher depending on the comfort of your senior. Everyone should be encouraged to dress in layers that can be removed or added to keep everyone at a comfortable temperature.

Keep Medications On Schedule. Seniors should also take care with their medications on extended visits as well. Keeping on schedule is essential for a successful visit, as well as feeling well in the days to follow. Having an updated list to follow from their doctor is a useful tool. If you know the visit will be during a busy holiday party, setting a reminder on your phone can also be useful.

Most importantly, take the time to sit down with your loved one and have some quality time together. It’s easy on a busy day to jump between activities. Taking some time to mindfully connect and ask seniors about their daily schedule will give you both a chance to get a glimpse into each other days.

Although this can be a busy time of year, planning ahead for the specific needs of seniors in independent and assisted living will make your holiday gathering smoother and more fun for everyone!

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