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Staying Healthy in the Summer Heat, a Few Tips for Seniors

summer heat

As we grow older, the risks of heat stroke, dehydration and heat-related illness increase. In fact, many seniors, wary of the cost associated with cooling their homes, adjust their thermostats to avoid using their air conditioning. As a result, the summer months can be particularly difficult for many seniors and, if they aren’t careful, can lead to severe discomfort and even outright illness. Because of this, we wanted to compile a list of tips that will help you stay cool, comfortable and – most importantly – healthy during these warm summer months.

Drink lots of water

As we age, our bodies become less proficient at regulating our thirst levels. Because of this, many seniors simply don’t drink enough water! To combat this, make sure that you are drinking between 11 and 15 cups of water per day by using a pre-measured pitcher or jug.

Ask for help adjusting your thermostat

If you have difficulty seeing or working your thermostat, you should definitely ask for help in setting it to the correct levels. Thankfully, many modern thermostats allow you to “set it and forget it,” meaning that you can adjust it one time and, in the future, it will remember your settings.

Avoid overdressing

Over time, our bodies become less adept at regulating our body temperature. In combination with certain medications that cause sensations of coldness, this can lead to overdressing and overheating. The best way to combat this is by preparing an outfit ahead of time and staying warm through physical activity, such as exercise.

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