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Why It’s Important for Seniors to Exercise

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Regular exercise is important for any age group, but it is even more so for seniors. Everyone knows that leading a very sedentary lifestyle has serious negative effects on your health and even your immune system. A large majority of seniors over 65, between sleeping and sitting down, spend most of their time completely inactive. As people get older, it becomes harder to move around because of arthritis and joint issues, but continuously incorporating fitness into your daily routine can slow down the progression of weakening muscles and bones. In this post we will look at specific reasons why exercise is so beneficial for seniors.

Aides in alleviating chronic pain

Sitting still is not good for painful joints – in fact, physical exercise in critical to lubricating joints and creating flexibility. Beyond helping to combat arthritis, exercise can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and neurological issues.

Helps prevent slips and falls

Almost a third of all seniors over age 65 suffer from a serious fall each year. Falls are far and away the most common cause for injuries in seniors. Incorporating balance exercises into your fitness program will help you to become steadier and help prevent injuries from falls.

May decrease the need for some prescriptions

Almost every senior has several prescriptions for various health concerns – both physical and mental. A common unexpected side effect of incorporating a fitness routine into your day is better mental health. Exercise releases endorphins which can put you in a better and more optimistic mood. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, oftentimes doses can be reduced, as well. A very common prescription for seniors is high blood pressure medicine. Exercise is known to reduce your systolic blood pressure levels, which may eliminate your need for the medication all together.

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