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Our Active Thriving Community

active senior living

At Heritage Community our seniors are lively and energetic. They love to get out into the community and to attend activities and classes on campus. From an evening at the theater, to cardio drumming, our residents are able to enjoy their lifelong interests and to learn new routines. As a win-win, these acitivities are fun and they help with cognitive and social skills.

Always maintaining and growing cognitive skills. We all recognize that attention to cognitive skills is essential to our quality of life at any age. Luckily, many of our life-long hobbies are beneficial to our cognitive strength. Whether residents are interested  in learning something new, or enjoying know skills, we offer art classes, choir, knitting circles, card-playing clubs, family night potlucks, picnics on the lawn, ballroom dancing lessons, poetry readings, cocktail hour and continuing education opportunities.

Social skills keep us happy and healthy. All of our activities give our seniors opportunities to meet new residents or spend time with friends they’ve made. Feeling connected in social environments increases our sense of wellbeing. Sometimes having a hobby in common can help us strike up a conversation, or teaming up to play cards together can provide that opportunity to learn about  someone new.

Community connections. While we love our Heritage Community, we know our residents are a part of our larger southwest Michigan community as well. We encourage lunches out, trips to listen to the symphony, or journeys to see the sunset over Lake Michigan. Our Life Enrichment Coordinators are happy to help with scheduling outings and procuring tickets to special events.

No matter which angle you look at it from, being active never goes out of style. It’s great that science has proven that singing together in the choir and picnicking outside are good for us. Now if they want to, our residents can tell their families that they are hard at work, and head off to their art class.

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