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HCK's Mission calls upon us to Celebrate Life and Honor the Soul. We serve a wide variety of resident needs from independent living up through skilled care and rehabilitation services. We strive to provide a superior depth and range of programs that address those needs from clinically focused programs that improve the quality of care to equally well-designed programs that enrich the quality of life.

Our programs and Kalamazoo Senior Services are designed to engage our residents and are tailored to each individual's needs:

Our Active Thriving Community

active senior living

At Heritage Community our seniors are lively and energetic. They love to get out into the community and to attend activities and classes on campus. From an evening at the theater, to cardio drumming, our residents are able to enjoy their lifelong interests and to learn new routines. As a win-win, these acitivities are fun and they help with cognitive and social skills.

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July 2017 Employee of the Month - Lynn Toennessen


Please congratulate Lynn Toennessen, the Heritage Community of Kalamazoo July Employee of the Month

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Which Rehabilitation Therapy Is Right For You?


At the Heritage Community, we pride ourselves on the excellent rehabilitation therapy we provide. At our Upjohn Rehabilitation & Care Center we make sure we understand each clients goals so that we can make a specialized plan together. That plan may include Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, or a combination of the three. Let’s explore each of these and discuss their benefits.

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June 2017 Employee of the Month - Phil Blades


Please congratulate Phil Blades, the Heritage Community of Kalamazoo June Employee of the Month.

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Three Ways for Seniors to Protect Themselves from the Hot Summer Sun

Senior Living Residence Kalamazoo

As we age, making sure we protect our skin from the sun becomes more and more important. Older skin is more sensitive and has been exposed to much more ultraviolet radiation over time. The last thing any senior wants to deal with is sunburn or sun blisters, or even worse melanoma or other skin cancer. Besides protecting your skin, you also have to make sure you’re taking care of your body in general, as well. In this post, you will find three ways seniors can work to protect their sensitive skin and bodies from the heat of the sun’s harmful rays. 

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May 2017 Employee of the Month - Cheri Noga


Please congratulate Cheri Noga, the Heritage Community of Kalamazoo May Employee of the Month.  

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April 2017 Employee of the Month - Veronica Tultz


Please congratulate Veronica Tultz, the Heritage Community of Kalamazoo April Employee of the Month.  

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Stay Healthy This Spring with These Tips for Seniors


See your doctor

As we get older, seeing the doctor becomes more and more important. Even if you don’t feel as though you have any new health problems it’s still important to get to the doctor and have a physical. Spring is also a good time to have your eyes tested and checked. 

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March 2017 Employee of the Month - Sage Ntihinyuka


Please congratulate Sage Ntihinyuka, the Heritage Community of Kalamazoo March Employee of the Month.  

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Why Memory Care may be Right for Your Loved One

Memory Care Community

Memory care senior living can help reduce the effects of dementia while increasing the quality of life for your loved ones. Over the years, as baby boomers age, there has been an increase in the number of seniors who need this type of specialized, long term care. There is a very good chance that the need for memory care will continue to increase in the decades to come. In this post, we will look at a few facts about memory care and why it may be right for your loved one. 

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