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Revel Creek Leads the Future of Senior Communities

Senior Sommunities

Whether you’re already a current resident in senior communities or you are looking for a great place for you or a loved one, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo offers Revel Creek, an exciting opportunity for seniors to experience the future of senior housing. Recently acquired by Heritage, Revel Creek offers a variety of new opportunities for seniors who may wish to add innovative new options to their living situation.

Making it modern

The new space with Revel Creek offers many of the modern solutions to senior communities that you can expect as technology continues to improve. For example, Revel Creek has a modern wellness center outfitted with all the latest workout equipment designed to give seniors the exercise they need without overstraining anyone. With caring staff available to lead wellness activities, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo provides everything you or your loved one needs to stay fit in modern ways at Revel Creek.

Live easy

Modern innovation in senior living means making everything available to you right at your fingertips. At Revel Creek, residents live in smart homes that have home automation options available. From climate controls to your home’s lighting, your home automation makes comfortable living a breeze. Heritage Community of Kalamazoo strives to make your senior communities as well-suited toward our residents as possible, and the home automation in Revel Creek is yet another way we achieve this.

Always improving

Here at Heritage Community of Kalamazoo, we recognize our residents are coming from newer and newer generations as the years go on. Revel Creek is our first way of addressing this, by offering a contemporary design meant to house individuals who older methods of living might not work for.

Committed to giving every member of our senior communities the best living experience possible, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo promises to take care of you and your family.

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