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JUNE 2019 Employee of the Month - Brad Samul


Please congratulate Brad Samul, the Heritage Community of Kalamazoo June Employee of the Month.  Brad is a stellar employee, chef, musician and team member.  His passion to help others is a blessing to many; always genuine, warm, friendly and a happy individual.  Brad is one of those employees you wish and wait for.  He makes people around him better and want to be better.  He's cross-generational, in other words, he connects with people of all ages.  His talented cooking skills and leadership have not gone unnoticed.  While working as a sous chef at Wyndham, he has made some incredibly delicious food, leads the team throughout lunch and dinner service, plus he assists with many special catering functions.  Brad is ALWAYS willing to give a hand or advice wherever needed.  Heritage Community is blessed to have Brad as part of the team as he truly exemplifies the Heritage Way.

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