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Patience and Perseverance Guide Physical Therapy for Seniors

Physical Therapy for Seniors

When you have an accident and come to stay with Heritage Community of Kalamazoo for physical therapy, you’ll get the best treatment available for you in the greater Kalamazoo area. Focused on giving everyone who comes through our doors the comfort and support they need, our team gets people up and moving, all at the pace they require.

Consistent treatment

With staff on our premises 24 hours a day, we provide nursing services whenever our residents need them. Our full range of in-house rehabilitation therapies are also offered 7 days a week, allowing patients to keep after their goal of overcoming what brought them in. Physical therapy is something that needs to be done day after day to really see results, and Heritage Community of Kalamazoo provides the physical therapy for seniors they need to keep recovery an ongoing process.

Insurance friendly

We don’t want anything to get in the way of physical therapy for seniors, so our Upjohn Care and Rehabilitation Center is a participant in most insurance plans, as well as a facility that is Medicare and Medicaid approved. We believe everyone deserves to get the treatment they require, and our policies with insurance is one way that we try to help those in need.

The best care

While those going through rehabilitation stay with us, they get the best treatment around. If injuries end up being too much, or another problem occurs, we have emergency call systems in each room, minimizing risk for every resident. By providing a variety of amenities that stress comfortable living, your loved ones can rest easy at the rehabilitation center of Heritage Community of Kalamazoo.

Providing the best care in Kalamazoo since 1945, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo is more than just a care facility, it’s a home built on years of experience treating those in need.

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