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Learn New Skills in Independent Senior Housing

Senior Housing

When you’re staying in independent senior housing, you can take advantage of the free time presented to you by learning some new skills. There are plenty of amenities offered by Wyndham Apartments in the Heritage Community of Kalamazoo that can help you on your way to learning a new skill or hobby. With a tight-knit community surrounding you, your time can be spent learning from the instruction of others, or in the company of others who also want to learn.

Become a master chef

With a full kitchen, appliances included, you can learn and attempt to make all the recipes you’ve never tried before. Train your palette and learn your hand at navigating every aspect of the kitchen with foods from around the world. The best of food is that it is meant to be shared! After making your delectable dishes, you can share them with friends and family for all to enjoy.

Relax in art

Not much compares to spending some quiet time drawing, painting, or working in any other form of art. With a creative art room available, Wyndham Apartments independent senior housing has the space you need to let your mind wander with your brush and create something beautiful. Whether you’re working on a piece by yourself or with a group, the creative art room is the perfect workspace to let yourself loose.

Catch up with technology

Our independent senior housing has a computer center as well as wireless internet access available, so if you struggle with the latest ways of communicating with you family, you can learn at your own pace. Keeping in touch is harder and harder to do if it’s not in a digital domain, so we like to offer everything you need to learn as you can and keep in touch with your family.

For over 70 years, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo has been providing quality care to seniors and their families. With this experience and a drive to always improve seniors’ lives as much as possible, Heritage Community is a place you want to live.

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