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A Nursing Home with Quality Rehabilitation Care

Rehabilitation Care

When you need the best rehabilitation care available, there’s no better place to go than a nursing home at Heritage Community of Kalamazoo. Our rehabilitation care center offers comfort, support, and only the best accommodations for every resident that stays with us. We have helped many people through the tough process of rehabilitation with personalized care. With staff that are passionate about giving our residents the best experience in rehabilitation, the Upjohn Care and Rehabilitation Center at Heritage Community of Kalamazoo has the care you need.

Accommodations with your care

While you are going through your rehabilitation, we want to make sure that the burden of your day-to-day responsibilities is lessened so you can focus on getting better. With three branches of care, the Harold & Grace Upjohn Care & Rehabilitation Center gives you the comfort, support, and accommodations that best help to get you on track toward a speedy recovery. We offer services such as personal laundry service, pet therapy visits, and three nutritious meals a day, so you can live comfortably and focus on your recovery.

Services to take care of you

Our rehabilitation center helps you to overcome whatever ails you, but we also offer other basic care at our facilities as well. We offer on-site dental, podiatry, vision, mobile x-rays, and massage services to make sure you’re in perfect health while going through your rehabilitation. All our care is Medicare and Medicaid approved and we participate in most insurance plans as well. No matter what you need to live comfortably, we at Heritage Community do our best to ensure you can achieve it.

Providing seniors with care since 1944, Heritage Community of Kalamazoo has the experience in providing nursing home residents the quality service that they need. Operating on the principles of kindness, exceptional quality, and personalized care, we can provide the assisted and independent living that works for you.

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