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JULY Employee of the Month - Marla Yarbrough


Please congratulate Marla Yarbrough, the Heritage Community of Kalamazoo July Employee of the Month.  Marla is a valuable and gifted part of the Amber Place team functioning as both a Personal Care Assistant and a Med Tech.  She starts each day with a great attitude, positivity and compassion towards others.  Marla helps to keep the day in perspective for herself and others, helping us to remember what is truly important in life.  She excels at the Best Friends approach to person-centered care using patience, flexibility, common sense and maturity in making good decisions.  Marla is a strong team player with the ability to work well with her co-workers and a nurturing capacity for providing compassionate care.  Heritage Community is blessed to have Amber as part of the team as she truly exemplifies the Heritage Way.

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