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Get Active with Warmer Weather in Senior Communities

Senior Communities

As the bitter cold of Michigan winter starts to fade, we can all start thinking about getting out and enjoying some sunshine at our senior communities. Winter can be a rough time for everyone, especially seniors, so we at Heritage Community are excited to be able to offer some outdoor options soon and help our residents enjoy some fresh, spring air.

A time for birds

As the temperature rises, some of our favorite avian friends come back to Michigan. One activity that is enjoyable in spring and easy for anyone to participate in is, of course, bird watching. Whether you are on the lookout for chickadees or hummingbirds, all your favorite birds come out for viewing in spring.

Go for a walk

One simple yet satisfying activity seniors may partake in is a walk outside. Spring is the perfect season to get out and enjoy the sunshine without getting overwhelmed by humidity or high temperatures. Our senior communities encourage staying active, and our Wyndham West location even offers landscaped lawns, a gazebo, and outdoor walking paths, perfect for taking an afternoon stroll in the comfortable temperatures of spring.

Start an indoor garden

For the garden lovers out there, we know the manual labor of a large garden may be too stressful or physically demanding, so why not try out a small, indoor garden? Whether you are planting fresh herbs, a miniature bonsai tree, or some flowers, you can cultivate that love for gardening in an easy, non-demanding way. Not only will it allow people to continue their passion for growing, but it also helps to give residents a goal to try to reach, as well as a regular task that they need to remember for a sense of accomplishment.

At Heritage Community, we care about providing seniors and their families in West Michigan with care that is personalized and supportive. If you would like to learn more about our different options and which may be best for you or a family member, contact us today!

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