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Building a Sense of Community with Communal Cooking

Senior Apartments

Maintaining a sense of community is one of our primary focuses at Heritage Community. Accomplished in a number of ways, including regular games of Bridge, an on-site salon and spa and scheduled reading groups, we aim to provide our senior residents with a wealth of fun, engaging activities that help them hold on to their sense of community. Among these things, many of our communities offer an open kitchen and weekly cooking events. These events are a great way for our residents to get together, spend time among friends and participate in an activity that benefits their peers. In this post, we’re going to look at a few ways that communal cooking helps to build – and maintain – a sense of community.

A pressure-free social experience

While playing Bridge is great, cooking is an amazing activity that encourages cooperation. Without the element of competition, seniors can work together towards a common goal and – when they’re finished – come together to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Group skill building

Learning new skills is a great way to combat memory loss. By working together, our residents are able to build new skills, learn from one another and act as both students and teachers.

Menu planning

Collaborating to plan a meal, communal cooking puts our seniors in charge. From a savory main course to a sumptuous, sweet dessert, planning a meal is powerful social experience that helps to create a bond with one’s cooking partners.

At Heritage Community, our senior apartments are designed to help our residents build new social bonds. From cooking opportunities and music classes to salons and other social centers, we provide the framework that is needed to maintain a happy, healthy social life. If you’ve been looking for an open, welcoming community to join, contact us today to discuss our amazing community!

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