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The Positive Effects of Music on Cognition and Memory Care

Music Therapy

Psychologists and the general public have known it for years: music is a powerful agent that boosts creativity, raises spirits and enhances memory. As a result of this, music is a great tool for individuals with memory impairments. Useful in combating the effects of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, music has been shown to help recall memories based on the emotional response that it evokes.

So powerful is the effect of music that the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America recently credited music therapy with the ability to change moods, assist with coordination, manage stress and enhance cognitive function. According to the foundation this power arises because, “rhythmic and other well-rehearsed responses require little to no cognitive or mental processing.” As a result, the benefits of listening to music are often automatic and unperceived… the listener simply listens, enjoys and experiences the positive mental – and physical – benefits.

At Heritage Community of Kalamazoo, we encourage all of our residents to pursue the therapies and hobbies that they feel are helpful. Aiming to provide comfort, security and connection to those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, our memory care communities are bright, inviting places to live, laugh and experience life’s many joys. As a part of this, our memory care integrates the latest therapies – including the use of music – to create better moods and, more importantly, moments that evoke familiar emotions.

If you’ve been looking for an assisted living community that offers the best memory care in Kalamazoo, we encourage you to stop by and visit our two locations: Amber Place and Amber Way. Compassionate, intentional communities, these options utilize the Best Friends approach to ensure that your loved one receives the absolute best care available because, as our Life Enrichment Coordinator says, memory care “is about honor, dignity and love. Offering my friends anything less wouldn't be acceptable.”

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